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Valheim allows us to get many things and this leads us to explain how to get a cart

What is the use of the cart in Valheim?

  The possibility of exploring in this game and getting resources is simply quite wide, so it is necessary to know how to get a cart, because this allows us to kill some enemies and proceed to mobilize more easily, in addition, it is ideal to collect some more quantity high resources, as this makes it possible to exceed the individual amount, as we remember that this is usually limited to only 300 units and with the cart there is the possibility of raising that number.
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    How to get a cart in Valheim?

     To achieve this it is necessary to build it and for this it is necessary:


    •  Make use of the workbench to build the cart.
    • 10 bronze nails that can be obtained from the previously manufactured bronze bar in a forge.
    • 20 woods that we can get from trees.
    • Once we manage to manufacture the cart it will only be necessary to occupy ourselves with exploring, looking for resources and transporting them.


     There is the possibility of putting aside the car in order to fight against the enemies, but we must consider where we move it, because there are rocky areas in this game and they can cause damage to the vehicle.This happens when we stomp, because at the end of everything This is not an indestructible artifact and just by fighting enemies the attempt can cost us, it is also good to consider that this car turns out to be a viable element to be used in explorations, we can use it to fight against enemies although this can in a certain way be limiting, it is best to take care of using this means of transport to move objects.

     In this sense, knowing how to get a cart allows us to become a means that allows us to carry more resources in Valheim.

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