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As we move around Valheim it becomes necessary to take care of ourselves and therefore we are going to how to get a workbench.

Why get a workbench in Valheim?

Throughout the progress we are making in the game it is possible to accumulate many resources that will play a role of great importance in our performance, without these it is not possible to manufacture what is necessary to win and progress, but it is necessary that we have a workbench to be able to manufacture them, then the objective of this guide is the orientation on how to get a workbench and it is what comes next, let's see.
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    How to get a workbench in Valheim?

    The first thing we must do is make a hammer, this is possible by being able to collect wood from the trees, for this we approach one and hope that it indicates by highlighting the cursor on it the word be, then we have to use the basic attack to cut it , managing to break it and have wood that will fall, we automatically collect this resource, the stone is also necessary to make the hammer, then wood x3 and stone x2 is what we need to do it when pressing the tab to access the creation menu where presents such a hammer option at Valheim.

    Now that we have the hammer, we have to see how to get a workbench, which in the same way requires some resources for its creation, only that it is necessary that we have in the hand of our character the hammer that comes to replace the menu of crafts, what we will do then is press the right mouse button that will take us to the construction menu with the use of the hammer, the only thing we need is wood x10, taking into account that on a flat surface is where we will create the workbench, Because its creation is not possible in a terrain with irregularities, a free zone is ideal, certainly this may take time, once we have created the workbench it is possible to manufacture the objects that will help us in our performance during the game.

     Now that you know how to get a workbench, you have the opportunity to create objects and in this way continue your progress through Valheim.

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