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Lidia Rozo
2021-02-05 03:43:08

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Staying healthy is a priority at Valheim and that is why we are going to explain how to heal, let's see.

Why heal in Valheim?

Having multiple confrontations against so many creatures like the Necks or the Greylings, even worse as we progress through large areas, from the beginning we will go through this situation constantly, so healing the damage that we receive is very important, taking into account some options for this we are going to see in this guide How to heal, let's just pay attention from now on, let's see.
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How to heal in Valheim?

With the help of berries or the consumption of foods prepared in our character we have one of the most effective options to heal ourselves, it does not require a great effort to find the berries, while hunting allows us to get meat because it falls Of the animals, the berry bushes can be identified once we are close to these, being very red, to cook the meat we will depend on a bonfire, the cooking station and the hunt of a wild boar or a crow, both are the most viable To hunt despite the fact that they can cause us some damage, when they die they will drop meat on the ground, then having it what we will do is go to a cooking station and under this we place the bonfire or some source of fire, it is always important take into account the different sources of food to heal ourselves.

 Definitely knowing how to heal is one of the most necessary actions we can perform in a game and Valheim is no different.

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