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Daniel Hidalgo
2021-02-05 03:16:20

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If you want to know how to fix Twitch error code 788078d4 pay attention to what we have on this below.

What is Twitch error code 788078d4?

This is an error that prevents gamers from being able to stream on the platform and often appears among Xbox One users, when encountering the message "Error code: 788078D4 Two-factor authentication is required to stream. Visit your settings Creator's Dashboard. ”Luckily, we know what to do, and today we'll tell you how to fix error code 788078d4.
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How to fix Twitch error code 788078d4?

On how to fix the Twitch error code 788078d4, the first thing we recommend you do is a power cycle on your Xbox, for this you will have to press and hold the Xbox button on the console> select Power Center> then select Restart console> Restart. Access the application and check if the problem has been solved.

If the above solution didn't work, we recommend making sure your internet connection is stable enough and if possible reboot your modem or router, or we even recommend using a direct wired connection or mobile hotspot to improve the connection.

Make sure your account is for adults and not children or you will run into this problem. Similarly, it will be necessary for your Xbox Live account to have sufficient reputation to be able to transmit.

Note that you will not be able to stream HDMI games, so if you do, you will encounter error 788078d4.

In many web pages, two-step authentication has become almost mandatory for greater user security, in this sense we recommend making sure you have it enabled, since not doing so could cause this problem. To do this, you will have to enter your account> Security settings> Activate two-factor authentication> enter your password and a valid phone number> enter the verification code and check if the error reappears.

Another solution may be to get a new transmission key, just make sure you have two-factor verification enabled.

As a last option we would tell you to reinstall the application. For this you will have to go to the connections page> disconnect your Xbox from Twitch> then go to My games and applications> select Twitch> Menu> Manage application> Gamertag> Delete saved data> then search for the application and uninstall it.

Restart your console and reinstall the application again.

For now that's all you can do if you're wondering how to fix Twitch error code 788078d4, we hope you can solve it with our advice, if not you can choose to contact the Xbox people for direct support.

 This was our guide on how to fix Twitch error code 788078d4, we hope that you have managed to fix this problem quickly with our advice and if not, that Xbox technical support can provide the necessary support to achieve it.

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