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We continue our tour of Valheim and this time we stop to tell you how to get a raspberry and blueberry bush.

What's the point of getting a blueberry raspberry bush in Valheim?

This game allows us to have the possibility of carrying out interesting activities and with it comes some vital recipes, since specifically these bushes are usually necessary ingredients to make potions that are usually vital to survive and are nothing more than a base to make mead.
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    How to get a blueberry raspberry bush in Valheim?

    This game has some eventualities and precisely the bushes are not usually abundant on these sides, there are those who have wondered if there is any way to grow it, because being ingredients in recipes it would be ideal to have them, the detail is that growing alone is not an option, there is no farm with them, but if we can apply the possibility of spawning a blueberry or a raspberry bush, only this would be against the rules because it must be done under an illegal road and it is done in this way:


    •  We enter Valheim.
    • We proceed to open the console.
    • Lugo we chose to write "imacheater".
    • Then we write "debugmode".
    • Next we use the command "sapwn RaspberryBush" this in order to spawn a raspberry bush.


     When we apply the aforementioned method we will see some raspberry bushes that tend to grow somewhat strangely, we must consider turning the character to where we want the bush to appear, because this under the world of illegality and trap. Now, if you are what you want to play it legitimately we only usually get the bushes we can only focus on collecting berries for the mead base.

     Now that you know how to get a raspberry and blueberry bush, it is time to think about whether or not to do it in Valheim and continue this interesting story.

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