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We welcome you to our Minecraft Bedrock guide, where we will talk about how to fix an outdated client.

Why fix outdated client on Minecraft Bedrock?

It is something necessary because this is being the reason for an error related to the connection, regardless of which platform we are on, it is presented in the same way, we must bear in mind that in the Java version the solution may be very complex, so to have an idea of how to fix an outdated client we must consider what this guide will offer us from here on, let's see.
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    How to fix outdated client in Minecraft Bedrock?

    Everything happens during the attempt to make the connection with the Realms server, which asks for an update, but turns out not to be something necessary, so to have an idea of ​​How to fix an outdated client on different platforms, let's see the following details:


    •  Nintendo Switch: what we will do is highlight the game with it, then we choose software update and finally through the internet
    • PlayStation 4: on this platform we highlight the game and enter its options for the update search.
    • Xbox and PC: we have that in this case it is different, considering the application that accesses the beta of the game, you have to enter the Xbox Insider application, then in Insider content and choose Minecraft Bedrock, now we will manage and give in Unsubscribe to in this way we exit the beta, only then we install the game again by accepting the terms and conditions.
    • Mobile: we only have to access Google Play or Apple App Store to see if there is an update and if there is one, we will see the indicated option to update.
    • Java Version: it is certainly very complex for this version, because in this version it is possible to install different versions of Minecraft at the same time, so when looking for the union with a server that does not turn out to be the same one that is running, you have to close the game, we must be connected to the same server where we are playing, then we will open the Minecraft Launcher and choose installations, then click on new, then on create and choose the new version of the game to connect it with that server in general.


    So we finished our guide on How to fix outdated client, hoping that you can get the best out of Minecraft Bedrock, a very busy game.

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