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If you want to know how to chop birch trees in Valheim this guide is perfect for you, because it has everything you need to know in a summarized and complete way.

What are birch trees in Valheim?

Obviously they are one of the types of trees that are in the game and as expected, this tree will allow you to obtain one of the various types of resources that are in the game. The difference with this tree and the rest is that this one is a bit more complicated to cut down than the others.

How to chop birch trees in Valheim?

If you come across the message “Too difficult”, it is because the tool you are using, in this case the ax, is not powerful enough to be able to cut down a specific tree.
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In this case, for the birch tree, you will need to use a bronze ax or higher to be able to cut it down without problems. In order to make a bronze ax, you will need both copper and tin ore. The former can be found in the form of large veins in the Black Forest biome, while the latter is also found in the Black Forest biome around the banks of the river.

You can extract both minerals using a pick and once you have them you will have to melt them to make ingots. For this, you will have to build two structures, a foundry and a coal furnace.

The smelter uses coal as fuel and will turn the ore into ingots, while the coal furnace will allow you to get all the coal you need to run the smelter.

When you have both minerals in ingots, you will need to build a forge to turn them into bronze and make the ax that carries the following ingredients:

  • 8 bronze.
  • 4 Wood.
  • 2 pieces of leather.

Now that you know how to chop birch trees in Valheim, get your bronze ax and chop down for this resource.

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