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A lot of attention, because now that Triangle Strategy is released you will want to know how to use Serenoa Wolffort, which we will teach you in the next article.

What is Serenoa Wolffort in Triangle Strategy?

She is a character capable of inflicting heavy physical damage that is expected of the main protagonist of Triangle Strategy. She has skills as a swordsman that is unparalleled in the game, as well as having good attack, defense, and speed. Which makes knowing how to use Serenoa Wolffort very worthwhile.

How to use Serenoa Wolffort in Triangle Strategy? - Strategies

His default ability is Delayed Strike, with which he will deal slightly less damage than his regular sword attack and take away the enemy's action for an entire turn. This ability will cost one TP and will be useful early on to put opponents to work.

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Another of her skills is the Pursuit Stance learned at level three, with which you can improve the power and accuracy of Serenoa's follow-up attacks. We recommend placing it near the attacking allied target to use the follow-up attack on that target.

Serenoa will have access to Hawk Dive starting at level five is a show. With this, you can inflict powerful damage to the nearby enemy. And if you execute this ability from high ground, much better.

Another ability is Counter Stance, which you will have access to from level seven and will allow you to counterattack when receiving an enemy hit,

There is also Sweeping Slash starting at level ten, with which you can eliminate all enemies within range of Serenoa.

The Strength in Numbers ability will increase your attack power whenever allies are close, starting at level 15. You can use a healer or Benedict, with his Raging Bull ability, to increase the attack.

How to use Serenoa Wolffort in Triangle Strategy? - Promotions and class upgrades

Serenoa Wolffort's default class is Swordsman, but she can be promoted to Swordfighter by using a Medal of Bravery at level ten.

While at level 20 she will be able to ascend to swordmaster with a Medal of Valor. But if you have enough iron and coins for the blacksmithing in the camp, you can increase the range of weapons, as well as any of the stats you choose.

That's all you need to know about how to use Serenoa Wolffort in Triangle Strategy so now that we've reached the end, we hope we've been as helpful as possible for you to get the most out of Serenoa.

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