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Triangle Strategy offers us more tasks and for this reason we are going to explain how to recruit Flanagan.

Who is Flanagan in Triangle Strategy?

  This is just an optional character that we are allowed to recruit, it is usually possible to do so because he has some unique abilities that usually offer us the opportunity to access some combat options that are not usually bad at all, in this sense. , it is convenient to recruit him and make him part of our team.

How to recruit Flanagan in Triangle Strategy?

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    The first thing we should know is that this character is not usually blocked, in addition to being able to recruit him regardless of the choice we have made, the only thing we should consider is having obviously unlocked the history of this character, to achieve this we will only have to increase Serenoa's Conviction at 1050 and the utility at 750, once this is true we can see the icon at the bottom on the right side of our screen where we will press the button in order to interact with the icon.

     Then, we will return to the character's history in order to recruit him and this is a process that occurs automatically, this is an archetype version that has:


    •  Defending.
    • Ability to restore HP at the start of each turn.
    • Excellent mobility.


     Note: Flanagan is usually vulnerable to archers, making it necessary to keep him away.

     Now that you know how to recruit Flanagan, it's time to execute this task and thus get another character that can help you in Triangle Strategy.

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