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Trails of Cold Steel 3: How to Get Bee Larvae

2019-10-31 14:01:15

We have made for you a guide whose purpose is to teach you how to get bee larvae in Trails of Cold Steel 3.

  This is a game that contains several very interesting missions, and one of them is about getting a bee larvae for weapons a recipe, talking with Freddy can be favorable since it is a first step to execute our search,

How to find bee larvae in Trails of Cold Steel 3?

 The larvae of the bees are simply an ingredient to complete a Wild Recipe that apart from the animals also contains 3 bits of plants, these larvae are generally a bit difficult to find, these ingredients are needed by Freddy, in order to make a special dish.

 The search for these ingredients lasts some time, for this it is ideal to access Parm Byroad, because here we complete two parts of the research, while we culminate the search for the Herbal Assistant, this takes us to the Itshmia forest, and the Old Agria Road , it is there that we will finish the first two part of the investigation, there it is necessary to face a battle against giant enemies, the bees, because we must keep some fighting with them so that we can finally get their larvae.

 On the other hand, bit plants are easier to find, since the enemies of West Sutherland Highway generally tend to throw them away, so we pick them up and carry them along with the larvae where Freddy is located so he can finally perform the dish he has been waiting to make.

We hope that our guide will be useful and you can get the larvae of bees for Freddy and be a participant of this recipe in Trails of Cold Steel 3

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