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Lidia Rozo
2022-09-22 17:23:34

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News is always welcome, let's see How to play Knockout mode in Modern Warfare 2.

What is Knockout mode in COD MW2?

  This is a new mode that we have in this game and that can be tested in this beta, here we get simple rounds where we are allowed to compete in teams of 6 and thus get the opportunity to receive a package, only with a negative aspect and is to have only one life.

How to play Knockout mode in Modern Warfare 2?

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This is a mode very similar to the Shootout mode that is present in MW, this mode is usually divided into teams of 6 with only one chance of life, here it is necessary to take care of capturing and protecting the money package that usually appears on the map.

We must bear in mind that whoever arrives at the location first will be the one who keeps the package, this implies taking care of protecting it until the end of the round.

It should be noted that the timer does not usually start until someone can have the package and in case the player is dead, the timer usually stops until someone can pick him up.

A round can have a duration of 75 seconds and in the end whoever has the package will be the winner.

Quick finish is a way to eliminate the opposing team, when these members die recovering the package or not the round will end.

 This is all you need to know about How to play Knockout mode in Call of Duty MW2, it will only be enough to apply these practices and thus emerge victorious.

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