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Welcome to our guide on How to complete Seven-League Boots SBC in FIFA 23.

What to know about Seven-League Boots SBC in FIFA 23?

  This is one of the challenges corresponding to the Hybrid Leagues squads, this requires the formation of a squad for 7 different leagues, taking into account a minimum of chemistry required per player, the clearest solution may be to have players from the same nationality in its entirety, while in the case of the small leagues the expense is very prominent, now to know How to complete the SBC of the Seven League Boots in FIFA 23 we take into account the following details.

How to complete Seven-League Boots SBC in FIFA 23?

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Through the squad creation challenges we can access a lot of XP, each of them requires us to build a specific team with special requirements, which occurs for the seven league boots SBC, the cost we will pay is at least 7500 coins, this challenge being easy compared to others, the requirements to complete it are as follows:


  •  Have in our team the maximum of 7 leagues
  • We can have 3 players from the same league
  • A maximum of 3 players belonging to the same team
  • With an overall rating of 78 or more from our team
  • With 1 minimum chemistry for each player
  • Have 18 total team chemistry minimums


 Completing this package we will be able to access the rare gold package that has about 12 rare gold cards in return, with this we are included a combination of players and consumables, while if we are new we can consider adding some players to our squad, the have a solution to consider through the list of following players:


  •  CB: Andre Ramalho
  • CB: Tuta
  • CB: Caldara
  • RM: Rochina
  • CM: Campaign
  • CM: Unai Winner
  • LM: Davidson
  • GK: Guaita
  • OR: Suso
  • LW: Peter
  • ST: Rafael Mir

 We hope that the information detailed here on How to complete Seven-League Boots SBC in FIFA 23 has been very useful for your fun and progress in the game.

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