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Lidia Rozo
2022-02-22 15:09:00

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Today, we bring a Total War Warhammer 3 guide to explain how to claim the Daemon Prince soul in the Chaos Realm of Nurgle.

What is involved in claiming the soul of the Prince in Nurgle's Realm of Chaos in Total War Warhammer 3?

Embarking on a necessary quest to enter one of the most challenging Kingdoms that this game usually has and that defeating it could be frustrating, in this sense, it is necessary to prepare ourselves with an army of Legendary Lord and that is what we will talk about here.

How to claim the Daemon Prince soul in the Chaos Realm of Nurgle in Total War Warhammer 3?

It is necessary to capture a total of 4 souls that allow us to unlock the final battle with Be'lakor to complete the campaign.
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Once we have managed to enter the Kingdom of Nurgle, we are shown four objective markers, and we will have to travel to the one that may be designated, which is usually located on the opposite side of our map from our starting point.

Being in the Kingdom of Nurgle we face a wear caused by corruption.

In the Realm of Nurgle we get the map movement speed of our reduced Faction Legendary Lord.

Next, it is important to reach the objective and for this to give us around 25 percent of final resistance, which implies a survival battle facing waves of Nurgle forces.

This can be difficult according to our faction, in the case of being a melee faction it is really a challenge, on the contrary, a magic faction can be a little less complicated.

By getting through the survival battle, we can free the soul of the Demon Prince, and we can be closer to completing the Kingdom of Chaos.

Now that you know how to claim the Daemon Prince soul in the Chaos Realm of Nurgle, it is necessary to prepare for the battle in Total War Warhammer 3 and thus place us near the end.

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