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Lidia Rozo
2022-02-22 14:48:14

More about: Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West allows us to have improvements for weapons and based on this we will tell you how to get Leaplasher spark coils.

What are Leaplasher spark coils in Horizon Forbidden West?

This is nothing more than a type of object that is necessary in this game and that it is usually necessary to find, this is not a very simple task because we must extract it from a machine, this is usually favorable for us and in this sense, we launch ourselves in the search that We will detail in full below.

How to get Leaplasher spark coils in Horizon Forbidden West?

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These coils are usually obtained from Leaplashers machines, which leads us to scan them before facing them, we must target specific areas of the creatures in order to get the resources, in this sense, we must embark on a search for the creatures and this is usually done in the first area of ​​the game.

It is important to know that this drop is typically located on the back of the creatures, so we must scan the back with the focus and proceed to highlight it, it is only the fourth energy cell, however, this could work on some occasions, disappointing because there is about a 20 percent chance that the power cell will drop when trying to loot it.

It is necessary to note that Leaplashers are resistant to shock damage.

Normally, these creatures tend to go in packs of three to five, which makes it necessary to fight with several of them when trying to make the hunt.

Now that you know How to Get Leaplasher Spark Coils, you can jump into this task and thus get a rare item in Horizon Forbidden West, give it a try.

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