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Angel Marquez
2022-02-18 17:25:38

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Total War Warhammer 3 is a very busy game, and today it leads us to discover How to fix stuttering and FPS drops.

What to know about stuttering and FPS drops in Total War Warhammer 3?

These are some problems that are being an obstacle for this game, which leads us to apply some checks to our computer, so looking to see How to fix stuttering and FPS drops, it is ideal that we keep in mind some indications that are going to be presented In this guide below, let's see.

How to fix stuttering and FPS drops in Total War Warhammer 3?

Certainly, it is a problem capable of affecting any game on PC, in many cases it is because it is not consistent with what the game requires, now regarding How to fix stuttering and FPS drops in Total War Warhammer 3 a series of indications are presented that can lead us to a solution and these are the following:

  • Game Script Change: Having Intel 12th Gen CPU with Windows 10 this problem can occur in Total War Warhammer 3, so what we can do as far as How to fix stuttering and FPS drops is that we update to Windows 11 or enable a script file that requires CPU priority for the game to work, for the latter we open the file explorer to locate the scripts that the game has, using the address C:UsersAppDataRoamingThe Creative AssemblyWarhammer3scripts, Windows Store / Gamepass: percentappdatapercentThe Creative AssemblyWarhammer3GDKscripts and Epic Store: percentappdataporcentThe Creative AssemblyWarhammer3EOSscripts, we will enter and then we go through the right button on the file screen, we have to choose the new text document option, we save as user.script.txt, we will open this file to add it to HYBRID_CPUS_TREAT_ALL_CORES_UNIFORMLY true; number_of_threads 5 and we click save, with this we hope the problems will be eliminated.
  • Check the system requirements: it is necessary that our PC meets what is required by the game for its optimal operation.

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  • Close background apps: For Total War Warhammer 3 apps running in the background may be consuming CPU power, so we need to remove them from the task manager to lighten the load, so the game can run smoothly.
  • Update software and drivers: there may be updates to apply to Windows and drivers for our graphics card, so we must check it on the official website to download the most recent corresponding files.
  • Configuration of the graphics card: it is something that we must do in terms of How to fix stuttering and FPS drops, for this we go to the control panel of our graphics card and click on manage 3D configuration, here we activate or deactivate vertical synchronization, We can also change the performance of the game, going through energy management and giving it maximum performance.
  • Change of the power plan: for this option we go to the control panel, in the power options we click on create power plan, we put high performance, which allows the CPU to give the maximum for the game.
  • Change of game settings: It is necessary in terms of How to fix stuttering and FPS drops that we go to the graphic and video settings of the game, putting the items below for all or off.
  • Disable the full screen: it is possible that doing this helps in the correct execution of the game, for this we locate the .exe file and right click on it, go to the properties, in compatibility and remove the full screen optimization option.
  • Deactivate the firewall and antivirus: one of the causes of this problem in Total War Warhammer 3 is that there is a blockage, both the firewall or antivirus does not allow the game to work completely, so we can deactivate them or see that this is on the list play.
  • Removing the mods: having these installed can cause imbalance, so we are going to uninstall or remove them, we can check the game and install them again one by one.
  • Remove GPU driver: The current configuration can be a problem for Total War Warhammer 3, because it causes these problems, so we have to try to roll back to a previous version to use it.
  • Change in game resolution: The game may run smoother while staying below 1080p, which increases performance.
  • Change of affinity: regarding How to fix stuttering and FPS drops we have to have this option allows the correct distribution of the load between the cores, then we go to the task manager, in the process we will look for the .exe file to right-click, In details we find the option to set affinity, disable a CPU and all processors, and we accept, the next thing is that we activate the disabled CPU, only we will not do it for all processors, we accept and restart for the change to take effect.
  • Verification of game files: in Steam we go to the library to locate the game and right click on it to go to the properties, we go through verifying game files in local files and with this if there is a problem with a file it will be corrected.
  • Overheating and connectivity: we must check this step, it is important that our PC does not overheat and that our internet is stable to function correctly.

It is evident that knowing how to fix stuttering and FPS drops allows us to return to normal gameplay in Total War Warhammer 3

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