Angel Marquez
2021-12-17 08:48:40

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The action on The Gunk doesn't stop, which leads us to tell you Where to find metal resources in Chapter 2.

What to know about metallic resources in chapter 2 in The Gunk?

It is a task that leads us to find a difficult resource, these since we began chapter 2 we have to find 20 of these and to know where to find them we follow the content of this guide from here on.

Where to find metallic resources in chapter 2 in The Gunk?

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Today we bring you a The Gunk guide where we will tell you how to get improvements, let's see.

The Gunk has more searches for us and that is why we tell you where to find fiber resources.

Having the reference of the ship we will go to the right to go down the hill to the end, here we will reach the red river, we go to the right, and we will arrive at the entrance of the cave, being inside we notice metal on the left side, with the use of our glove of power we are going to collect the metal, on the opposite side there is a gray and blue metal in the corner, we continue with the exploration of the cave to go up the hill, there is a rock marked in yellow on the left, we have to go up To take the blue metal, continuing along the ascent we will notice some blue rocks that will be protruding from the cave, the remaining resources are in the corner to our right, after we accumulate these resources what we will do is return to the ship using the creeper, we must go to the workbench that is glowing yellow to install the updates with the Y button, thereby managing to grab, transport and throw objects, an interesting improvement.

We can conclude that knowing Where to find metal resources in chapter 2 is easier than thought with the details presented here, you just have to follow them and progress in The Gunk.

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