Lidia Rozo
2021-12-17 10:04:53

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The Gunk has more searches for us and that is why we tell you where to find fiber resources.

What are fiber resources in The Gunk?

These are nothing more than a type of material that we are allowed to have in this game and that are rare, we must also consider that sometimes we can even overlook them, this because it is usually found throughout the map and looks for it calmly sometimes becomes impossible.

Where to find fiber resources in The Gunk?

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This is a search that is usually necessary, but in order to see this resource it is necessary to carry out a cleaning of the dirt that is in the area, we will see that this process will allow the vegetation to sprout and that is where we are allowed to scan roads plants to absorb them, we just have to take care of looking particularly at:

  • Mushrooms.
  • Fungal Pigments.
  • Angel beads.

As you can see, this resource must be absorbed to get around 3 to 5 fibers, these always tend to vary according to size, in addition, in the case of the fungus, it must be uprooted which makes it necessary to consider whether it is viable or not to spend the resource for improvements.

We conclude this guide on Where to find fiber resources, so we invite you to launch yourself in this search that only has The Gunk available to you.