Angel Marquez
2021-12-17 08:41:13

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Today we bring you a The Gunk guide where we will talk about How to open the door in chapter 3.

What to know about the door in chapter 3 in The Gunk?

It is an obstacle that will prevent our progress in the alien world that this game represents, after we save an animal we will be stopped by a metal door, now to know how to open it, let's follow the following content closely.

How to open the door in chapter 3 in The Gunk?

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When we meet the animal after we have visualized the statue we will be before the metal door, here a tool is required for our glove to continue, then behind us, we will see a path over the river, with platform skills we will go jumping over the rocks and mushrooms, then we will climb over some vines to the top, there is a bridge that must be crossed and to the left we have a rapid transit station, but first we must scan the statue, which allows us to be more updated, we must return to the camp with the fast trip, then we enter a scene and go to the workbench to create the Pulse Cannon, being necessary to complete the bars 4 times, having this ready we return to the location of the door, You have to point the left trigger at the yellow circle and when you press the B our glove will fire a pulse causing the door to open.

Knowing how to open the door in chapter 3 is interesting because it allows us to continue progressing in this adventure that we have in The Gunk.