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2021-12-17 09:30:27

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The Gunk has more interesting searches, and this allows us to tell you How to get a weapon.

What is the point of getting a weapon in The Gunk?

As we progress in this game we are allowed to carry out various searches, in this case we must find weapons, this because while we are in the game there is practically nothing with which we are allowed to defend ourselves and there are many forms of life alien that can harm us.

How to get a gun in The Gunk?

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The Gunk: Where to find fiber resources

The Gunk has more searches for us and that is why we tell you where to find fiber resources.

It is necessary to take charge of finding them and in this way prevent the enemies from charging against us, although it is true, the game shows us an initial firing button, it is convenient to make it clear that this is not enough, in this sense, it is necessary to do use of a blaster cannon only that to achieve it we must obtain some resources, in addition to an improvement that can be unlocked after having scanned several objects.

We must take care of carrying out the search in different plants that we can discover in our environment, once the search is given, we will see that a notification of the cannon that is usually available on the workbench appears, it will only be enough to have four pieces to proceed to manufacture it, these pieces must be from alien resources and for this we must:

  • Right-click on PC.

It should be noted that this weapon is fabulous for warding off enemies, especially when we are interested in opening cave doors, it also has ammunition that can paralyze nearby threats, only this ability requires:

  • 10 metals.
  • 15 alien resources.

Now that you know how to get a weapon, it is time to work and with it obtain an important artifact in The Gunk.

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