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Today we bring you an explanatory guide on How to get XP in The First Descendant.

In the world of video games, it is quite normal for players to dedicate a large amount of time and dedication to completing the different missions or criteria in order to advance in the game's story through levels and developments. And one of the most common aspects that tends to consume a lot of time is increasing the level of the characters, with the aim of making them stronger and able to face the challenges that arise.

The First Descendant is no exception to the rule, therefore, you will have to do everything you can to raise the level of your Descendants, from level 1 to the maximum level of level 40, something really impressive but that tends to consume almost all your time on screen. Therefore, one of the easiest ways to level up is through XP, therefore, cultivating them will be essential and, therefore, we explain how you can get them quickly and easily, so, join us.

How to farm XP in The First Descendant

Within the world of The First Descendant you will find different ways in which you can accumulate XP. Keep in mind that by combining several techniques at the ideal time, you can maximize the XP you gain in a short period of time, allowing you to level up at a faster rate.

The best and first way we offer you so you can earn large amounts of XP is by participating in the Special Operations game mode with other players in the online mode. While the quests presented to you there tend to be quite time-consuming, once you complete them you will be able to earn enough XP to raise your Descendants by several levels, so it is totally worth it. You will get XP from those defeated enemies, even if you enter a mission and stay AFK for a while. Keep in mind that while main story missions can provide you with these points, their amount is much smaller.

You can also invest in an item called Descendant EXP Boost, which increases the XP obtained by 30%, something truly incredible and that will be useful for the levels of your Descendants. You will have to buy it in the store for around 175-575 caliber, which will depend on the length of the item.

Due to the maintenance repairs that the game underwent on July 3, 2024, it was decided to compensate players through a series of rewards that included descending EXP improvements, which you can claim from your email, but you must keep in mind These will be activated instantly when you claim them, so make sure you do it only when you feel ready to use them.

The last way we present to you is by unlocking and equipping certain components that are found externally. This is because some of the parts have a passive XP boost, which when combined with the methods we described above, significantly increases your total XP bonus upon completing milestones and quests.

How to get XP in The First Descendant

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Prioritize Special Operations: For the most efficient XP acquisition, engage in Special Operations missions. This cooperative game mode offers significant XP rewards upon successful completion alongside other Descendants. 

Progress Through the Campaign: While story quests may not be the fastest path, they provide a consistent source of XP while advancing the narrative and unlocking new areas and challenges.

Focus on Defense Objectives: Within the Special Operations terminal, prioritize missions categorized as "Defense." These missions often involve repelling waves of enemies, granting substantial XP rewards for successful defense. A popular example is the "Defend Albion resource mission" located in Kingston Ecoswab.

Explore Efficient Farming Techniques: Conduct online research using terms like "The First Descendant optimal XP farm" or similar queries. This may reveal specific locations within the game world that are particularly well-suited for rapid XP accumulation.  Remember, game updates can alter the effectiveness of these locations, so consult community resources for the most current information.
Utilize Descendant EXP Boost: If available, equip the Descendant EXP Boost item. This valuable equipment enhances your XP earnings, further accelerating your character progression.

This is everything you need to know about How to get XP in The First Descendant, following this guide it will surely be much easier for you to get these important points that will be useful to increase the level of your characters. You will only need to follow the instructions provided correctly, all while enjoying all the experiences that The First Descendant offers you.

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