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2022-10-03 10:01:09

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Today we bring you a guide on Where to find Mystic Frogs in Terraria with precise details.

What to know about the mystical frogs in Terraria?

With the arrival of the recent game update 1.4.4 we have that a new type of creature has been added, this being the mystical frogs, searching in depth we will discover that there is more than one statue of it, being our intention to give with it is opportune to know where to find them and to help us we have to highlight the following content, let's see.

Where to find mystic frogs in Terraria?

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We will find it in the jungle biome, we will see it jumping on the vegetation near the ponds and waterfalls of the biome, as with the other critters we have that the location can be random, now we can use the Lifeform Analyzer, while if it turns out complex we can use the water candle to help us have a higher generation rate, while the enemies will also enjoy said benefit, now the use of the battle potion can be important with the same effect of the water candle, another important option is to improve the generation rate by building a city in the biome and moving 3 or more NPCs to it, making our enemies' mobs generation rate fall and ours will improve.

With the use of a net we can try to catch some bugs, among which it can be lost by the cloud of smoke, now we can use the purification powder in this case, managing to get it for 75 copper coins, when using it you will see the mystical frogs turned into something else.

Finally, now that we know where to find mystic frogs in Terraria we can move on with an interesting element to our benefit in the game.

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