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Discover How to get pumpkins to advance in Terraria.

What to know about the pumpkins in Terraria?

It is an object allusive to Halloween that has been added with the update, it is presented in the forest on the ground and in the sacred grounds in the middle of the pumpkin moon, if it is destroyed you can obtain from 1 to 25 pumpkin blocks When combined, blocks of pictures are obtained, it is important that the cultivation of these occurs in places that are covered with grass of at least a couple of apples high, we can even obtain a magic pumpkin seed, now to know how to get pumpkins let's see the following content in this guide.

How to get pumpkins in Terraria?

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    We will have a couple of options for this, one consists of waiting for the first of October for Halloween in real life, which will make us have pumpkins everywhere, while the other option is through the purchase of the seeds that have a cost of 2 silver and 10 bronze coins, considering that the dryad character is the one who sells magic items and this is presented considering some aspects, you must have killed the bosses such as Eye of Cthulhu, Brain of Cthulhu, Devourer of Worlds, Skeletron and Lepus, it should be noted that having then the seeds you only have to locate a field with tpaba in any biome to place it, they grow in the sanctified grass, it is not possible to do it in crimson or corrupted, only they get to grow in the superficial layer.

    The creation of a new world at the time of Halloween gives us an advantage, because we will have the pumpkins naturally and with these we can have armor made, lasting one Cthulhu eye at least, being at the time they can grow by placing strips of grass with dart traps on these, so that they destroy what grows naturally in the grass, leaving only the growth of pumpkins, which are not affected by the darts.

    In this way we finalize our Terraria guide, now that you know how to get pumpkins, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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