Lidia Rozo
2022-10-03 10:54:45

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As we progress in the games we get more items, let's see How to get the terraformer in Terraria.

What is the terraformer in Terraria?

  This is another of the novelties that we have in this game and that allows us to enter a somewhat more challenging world, this considering that we will get more bosses and monsters, however, wanting to relax a bit is part of this process for that we have with the terraformer and about this we have some more information about it.

How to get the terraformer in Terraria?

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We must have taken care of defeating the Moon Lord boss, by doing so we got the terraformer to be placed in the category of game elements, this makes it necessary to take our Clentaminator and look for a Shimer puddle or, failing that, take care of creating one using the cube of brightness without background or, failing that, take care of looking for one that has been generated randomly in some ether cave, this implies managing to throw the Clentaminator at Shimmer and transform it into an elegant Terraforming tool.

Once we have the terraformer we can use it to create or destroy biomes with our spray, it usually uses solutions of different colors to affect the biomes it sprays differently, this terraformer manages to reach a distance of 95 tiles long or an extension of 7 mosaics, with this we get pints biomes in a much faster way and with less solution.

 Now that you know how to get the terraformer in Terraria it is time to get involved in this quest that makes this game more interesting.

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