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2022-09-30 10:01:34

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We embark on a quest in order to tell you how to get the Shellphone in Terraria.

What is the Shellphone in Terraria?

This is nothing more than a utility tool that has the ability to combine:


  •   Cell phone.
  • magic shell
  • Demon shell.


  Knowing how to get the Shellphone in Terraria implies having a practical package, these elements allow you to have useful information and skills that provide the elements to become an excellent adventurer, it should be noted that getting it is not easy, but to explain what you should do, we are here.

How to get the Shellphone in Terraria?

We must have some resources to manufacture it and these are:

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Cell phone: this resource that is usually necessary to know How to get the Shellphone in Terraria is difficult to find, this is a utility item that has the ability to combine the functionality of tools in a single item, it is possible to make it by combining a mirror magic or an ice mirror with a PDA or with these original elements:


  •  Compass.
  • Depth meter.
  • DPS meter.
  • Angler's Pocket Guide.
  • Gold or platinum watch.
  • Lifestyle Analyzer.
  • weather radio.
  • Metal detector.
  • Radar.
  • Sextant.
  • Chronometer.
  • account counter
  • The magic/ice mirror.
  • Defeat Skeletron first.


 A magical conch:
this is a rare conch that we can get in Mirage and Oasis Crates or in sandstone chests.

A Demonic Conch: This rare item can be obtained by fishing in lava.

A handyman's workshop
: getting it makes it necessary to buy it for a value of 10 gold coins.

Now that we know How to get the Shellphone in Terraria, it is necessary to use this ShellPhobne is the one that by combining the cell phone and the shells we get a tool that is actually usually fantastic, it allows us to show information of interest, such is the case of :

  •  The fishing capacity.
  • The weather.
  • The moon phase.
  • The elevation.
  • The distance from the center of the world.
  • Time.
  • The valuable element of the environment that is closest.
  • The speed of movement.
  • Current DPS.
  • Total deaths of the last enemy attacked.
  • Nearby rare creatures.
  • Total number of nearby enemies.


 It has the ability to teleport to one of these locations:


  •  Home.
  • Spawn point.
  • The ocean.
  • The underworld.


 We conclude this guide on How to get the Shellphone in Terraria, so it will only be enough to embark on this process that can be arduous, but necessary.

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