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2022-10-03 09:06:34

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Objects are vital in this game and for this reason we will explain how to get a Poo Block in Terraria.

  What is the Poo Block in Terraria?


  This is just another new element that we have in this game and that is part of the most recent update of this game, it is a somewhat questionable article, this is perhaps part of the humor that can be incorporated into this game.

  How to get a Poo Block in Terraria?

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It is necessary to have to get poop, this involves finding an amount of food and a place to put the result, we have about 41 varieties of toilet in this game, we must sit on it to reap a reward, the amount of Poo we get during this process it depends on some things we do, having higher levels allows us to get more of the item and with more performance, this makes it necessary to consider eating Golden Delight that has a duration of more or less 48 minutes and therefore can give us a total of 141 Poo tiles.

By having Poo we can use that pile of poo in our inventory and build some stuff from them however placing these blocks can cause flies to spawn on these blocks and any other poop blocks that one can be affected at least a few 3 seconds of the Stinky debuff that causes vapors to come out of our body, it is possible to use Poo in some recipes, such is the case of the wall of poop that we can make at work, the Fertilizer that is made with the combination of blocks of poop plus bones and ashes, this can be made in a bottle or on an alchemy table, making this final resource can be used in plants.

 In this sense, knowing how to get a Poo Block in Terraria offers us the possibility of launching ourselves in search of another resource and giving it the use it requires.

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