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The herbs in Terraria are always at our disposal. Let's see how to get the moonglow.

What is moonglow in Terraria?

Before knowing how to obtain the moonglow it is necessary to take into account that this is a necessary herb to make some potions, it is a fundamental ingredient and best of all, it is possible to obtain it easily and simply, it is extremely useful since these potions normally They are necessary to master some alchemy tools and gain the edge over some new bosses that have been included in the recent update.
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    How to get moonglow in Terraria?

    It is important to keep in mind that this herb can only be obtained in the jungle biome, and it is possible to harvest it, since it usually flourishes at night, so obviously if our task is to harvest it, this will be your time to do it and with it get the most out of it.

    The way to harvest moonglow is using any tool and dropping between 1 and 3 seeds at night on the farm, since it will only be enough for us to get the seeds of the jungle biome and take them to the farm to grow them, it is only necessary to have some patience, because these usually grow slowly.

    Obtaining moonglow only occurs at night and when we have seen a bright blue aura, obtaining them allows us to opt for the regrowth stick whose functionality is to increase the yield of the seeds, thus allowing us to grow many more plants in Teraria.

    There are some options that can be done with moonglow and they will only need to add water and other necessary ingredients. The potions are as follows:

    • Invisibility Potion.
    • Ammunition Reserve Potion.
    • Gender Change Potion.
    • Life Force Potion

     In this way we have reached the end of our guide on How to obtain the moonglow since it will only be necessary to find the night time to achieve it and cultivate it in Terraria.

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