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Apex Legends: Where to find Heirlooms

2020-05-19 11:44:02

We don't all know where to find the Apex Legends relics, so we prepared this article covering this matter.

What a son the relics of Apex Legends.

It is a series of rare type cosmetics that you can find in the game, although as they are not something very unique, they can still get some quite interesting and unique, that's why we are going to tell you where to find the relics.

Where to find the Apex Legends relics.

According to the leak, Mirage will be the most recent to obtain the inheritance in season 5, being able to obtain a new melee mask or a melee weapon.

It is hoped that in a few days we can get a Mirage relic that is encoded as a Statue.

Please note that if you want to unlock rare cosmetics, you will need to collect relic shards. Fragments of inheritance are rare, and not as easy to obtain. It is believed that in order to unlock a set, approximately 50 shards will be required, but this is not certain, so this may not be the case. What is clear is that to find relics, you will need to explore a lot.

Try scanning the Apex cosmetic packs to find the relic pack, those packs are paid, so if you bought the battle pass you will get some in the first 20 levels.

You can buy bundles at Apex Stores and there is supposed to be a chance to get 1 random guaranteed heirloom for every 500 Apex bundles, but this is not confirmed yet.

 This is all there is on where to find the relics of Apex Legends, we hope that our guide has been instructive and useful for you to find the relics that you can and make the most of them by finding them.

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