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Terraria 1.4: How to get Storm Spear

2020-05-22 09:04:16

Terraria 1.4 is a highly mobile game and today it takes us to discover How to get Storm Spear with precise details.

One of the elements that Terraria 1.4 has at the moment is the Storm Spear, which places us in wanting to understand more about this object, for them we have the content of this guide focused on responders How to obtain Storm Spear, with due attention on our part we will come to the answers starting from now.

What to know about Terraria 1.4?

This is an update for Terraria, a patch that brings many new things, including more than 800 objects, bosses, enemies and more, which allows us to have a variety of important content, this time we will see how to get one of the elements that are added, we just have to follow the reading to understand.

How to get Storm Spear in Terraria 1.4?

We have the possibility of finding Storm Spear in two places, one is through the chests that are in the underground desert and the other option is in the oasis boxes, which we can get when fishing, in both biomes we have our ways to get this element, the operation of this weapon is the same as any launch, taking into account that on some occasions we can hit our enemies through the walls, it also has a lightning effect, with which the capacity of scope of the object.

The Storm Spear has the capacity to cause 12 melee damage, 7 percent in terms of the chances of causing a critical attack, with average speed and with an outstanding recoil average, in short, having this element is easy, as a type weapon Melee will be very useful in combat.

Now that we know how to get Storm Spear, it is possible to have better performance and entertainment in Terraria 1.4.

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