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In the Fortnite universe there are many tasks, one of them is How to complete storm the agency challenges and everything will be covered here.

In Fortnite there are still challenges to complete, at the moment we find the challenges that are despised by one, which puts us in the need to know how to complete the storm the challenges of the agency, that's where the purpose came in of this guide, which is intended for guidance in this regard, simply pay attention to the guidelines that are presented from now on.

What is there to know about storm of agency challenges at Fortnite?

The current season has been extended, indicated by Epic Games that it will be far beyond the duration of it, specifically in relation to the first it will not be so long, the detail has always been in having the fillers for the expansion, with the This week's 12.60 update we have many challenges that have been added, among which is storm of agency challenges, which brings a good amount of XP within our reach, finally there is still a way to go, more details at Respect comes by continuing to read.

How to complete storm the agency challenges in Fortnite?

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    The number of challenges are 5 in total, where the first is that we get to the agency, which seems simple, right now the challenges are live, which means that there will be great competition around us, but with only get to place and shortly after if we are eliminated we will have completed the challenge and getting 40,000 XP, the next to complete is that we play at least a few rounds of the game, taking into account the survival to 10 storm circles, which brings Another prize of 40,000 XP, the third consists of accessing 3 chests that are closed in different bases, earning a reward of a Steel Shadow peak for being successful and without any XP for it, we reached the fourth and fifth, brings 40,000 XP to the To complete them, for the fourth it is about swimming in the hatches of the agency, only that the crowded waters of players equal to us looking to complete the challenges have problems, the fifth is the most difficult icultad, we have to eliminate the henchmen of 3 different safe houses, when we complete it we will have a new icon and for the 5 completed ones the Shadow Stalker glider is released.

    Knowing How to Complete Storm The agency challenges is interesting as we continue to make progress and have fun at Fortnite.

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