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Getting errors in games has become something normal and Terraria 1.4 is no different, so today we will see How to fix the lost connection

  This is a game that allows us to carry out explorations and this is simply phenomenal, even though the most recent update managed to achieve some interesting changes, the possibility of achieving some drawbacks does not escape, and it is precisely the lost connection error one of them.


How to fix lost connection in Terraria 1.4?


  One of the details that we should consider before taking any options, verify that our game is updated, because if it is not, it is possible that this may be a problem, showing itself as the error of lost connection, especially if we are trying to connect to the game of another person on steam.
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    How to fix lost connection by creating travel character in Terraria 1.4?

     One of the possible solutions that we have been able to obtain to solve this problem is to create a character in the Travel Mode, for this it is only enough to create the character and then choose the Travel option, because not having it and joining the game in this mode will give us the error immediately.


     How to fix lost connection by checking integrity on Terraria 1.4?

    Normally it is possible to get us with some amount of inconvenience in some games but specifically this brings an error that has occurred after the update, if the previous solution has not helped you, it is time to take this, it will only be necessary to check the game files to Through Steam, our task is to go to the library until Terraria is located, then we must right-click and review properties.

    We move to the local files tab and click on Verify the integrity of the game files in order to verify that they are functional and up to date. When this process ends, we are presented with a message that says a file should be reacquired. we can reconnect and continue all the fun normally.

     In one way or another Terraria 1.4 allows us to play and get many activities, but knowing how to fix the lost connection is essential to avoid getting stuck.

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