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We invite you to discover How to obtain your Boating license, a new area in BitLife.

 In BitLife we have the opportunity to simulate all the aspects that have to do with life, where we will be able to even manipulate many vehicles, among these we have those of flight, ships and even the exclusive ones, which puts us in the question of How obtain your navigation license and for this purpose we have the content of this guide and we will see below.

What do we have to consider to obtain the Boating license at BitLife?

The first thing to consider is that everything in the game has a cost, so it is necessary that we have an enormous amount of money so that we can make the purchase of any of the ships that are available, apart from that it is necessary to qualify the test of the ship to obtain the license, when we complete this series of requirements it is possible to obtain the navigation license, for more details it is necessary that we continue reading the text.
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    How to get your Boating license in BitLife ?

    Taking into account the factors of money, it is only necessary that we pass the test to obtain the license, it is important that we are at least 18 years old, as we will go to the part of the game that tells us about the activities and we will carry out the search of the license feature, here we will be able to access the different ones that exist, those of driving, pilot and navigation, then we will make the choice of the last one and we will pay an amount of money to start, next we will have a question that will be asked of randomly, once we get to start this test, we may not have precise control of the ship and we will crash into the test itself, we need to handle this carefully as well as skillfully.

    We will make the purchase of the boat in the store section of the application, for this we will go to assets and look at the end, where we will get a wide variety of boats that will be available to buy, among them are the navy and cruise ships, each one of them has a different price, so at least we have to have the quantity between 50,000 to 2,000,000 coins, on the other hand the license as such has no great cost, it is possible that these boats leave us short of money, so that it is necessary that we have a good fortune since obtaining only the license will not do any good if we do not have boats.

    We hope that the information detailed here on How to obtain your Boating license has been useful for your fun at BitLife.

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