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You don't need to know about architecture or engineering, now we bring you this guide on how to make a Terraria 1.4 house.

Why have a house in Terraria 1.4.

In addition to just giving you a roof to take shelter in, having a house will allow you to unlock additional things like additional NPCs, which you can make reappear in those places, so knowing how to make a house will be very important.
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    How to make a house in Terraria 1.4.

    On how to make a house in Terraria 1.4, we will list a series of requirements necessary for a building to be considered a home and you can add it to reside in an NPC:

    • Let's start by telling you that the roof and floor blocks of buildings also have blocks around them, which are usually made of wood, earth, stone, or other minerals. They may also have trap doors or platforms, however the entire floor may not be completely platform.
    • The vertical blocks, above and below, have a suitable block around them as a door or have a platform or a high door above them. These blocks are made of earth, stone, wood or any type of metal.
    • The house must have at least one entrance indicated by a door.
    • The room must have no less than 60 tiles inside and no more than 750. They include the ceiling, the floor and the walls. The dimensions of the house can vary from six by six blocks to 13 by two blocks.
    • The house must have background walls, which can be made of wood blocks, keep in mind that walls not placed by a player will not count for this purpose.
    • It should also have a light source, a flat surface item like a desk, and a comfort item like a chair, sofa, toilet, or something else.
    • To verify if a building meets all the requirements for a house, you will have to press the ESC button and open the house that will allow you to access all the NPCs together with their tokens and a question mark that you will press to know if it meets the requirements. .

     This has been our guide on how to buid a house in Terraria 1.4, we hope that our guide has been as useful as possible and now that you know how to build it and what its use is, you can get the most out of it once it is finished.

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