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The action in Fortnite does not stop, so today we are going to explain how to Spot The Difference Chapter 2.

 In Fortnite we have been able to understand that it has become much more than a game, taking into account the creative mode, it is possible that we do different things building, it is possible that we can transfer it to a higher level, with the creation of an island. entire, being something to highlight of one of the many opportunities that we find, only this time we have the purpose of understanding How to Spot The Difference Chapter 2 and the necessary details are in this guide, we have to pay attention to the content .

What to know about the Difference Chapter 2 in Fortnite?

Seeking to detect the difference, it is necessary to go through 7 rounds, these have been established in a map of unique creation, where each one has different forms and that will depend on what we do to find these differences, access to the island passes By entering a code, which is 6278-1230-9351, more details are coming right now, the continuation of the reading is ideal to know more.
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    How to detect the difference of Chapter 2 in Fortnite?


     With our weapon it is possible to label the difference that we have found in the scenes, now to have an accurate guide of these differences we will have them below in this content.


     First scene


    •  Behind a bear is a bench
    • Near the door is a stacked forest
    • An inclined chair is found between 2 other chairs
    • To the left of the cabin there is a sign
    • Inside the cabin there are fish
    • We have a tent
    • There is a canoe


     Second scene


    •  In the toilet there is a Lamp
    • In the toilet there is a starfish
    • On top of the stand there are fish
    • To the third left of the stand is a chicken hanging
    • There are some boxes to the right of the toilet
    • In front of the toilet there is a carriage that disappeared
    • In the back of the boat, on the right is a lost teddy bear


     Third scene


    •  There are fish in the left front corner
    • There is no sign of swimming
    • Behind the sign is a platform on which there is wood
    • At the top of the stairs when entering the house is a lost teddy bear
    • At the back of the stairs is a barrel
    • To the left of the house there is a water in which is the purple flower
    • House front there is a box on the platform


     Fourth Scene


    •  In the back of the bar is a smiling salesman
    • In the middle of the wall is a bird
    • At the top of the rostrum, to the right of the character is a missing coconut
    • To the left of the bar on the stool is the teddy bear
    • In the stick of fire be a lost marshmallow
    • We have Umbrella
    • There is a sign for boat rentals


     Fifth scene


    •  On the roof behind the valve is the missing stone
    • On the wall above the purple jelly is the missing stone
    • Behind the tires is purple gelatin on the ground
    • On the ledge, in the second focus on the left, there is blue jelly
    • Facing left side is in second focus
    • On the left is a toilet
    • From the front we will see the valve in the first tube


     Sixth Scene


    •  This is the central point of G
    • Code 3-7-9


     Seventh Scene


    •  Above the capsule is an antenna
    • On the roof of the capsule, above the tanks is the lost light
    • In the front left is the lost tank
    • Passing the telescope on the left side is the lost space rock
    • Behind the UFO is an asteroid
    • In the trunk of the car is a spare wheel
    • The UFO drives the ray of light

     Finally, now that we know how to Spot The Difference Chapter 2, we can move on to Fortnite.

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