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Guide to learn how to use whirlpool in Fortnite

  Season 3 of Fortnite is very hot as it is in week 6, that means that we are already halfway through the season.

If this season resembles the previous two, the end of the season will be delayed by a month or more. As it stands, it is slated to end on August 27, 2020. It appears that all the water brought on by the event at the start of the season will have decreased. Since this edition of the game is mostly based on water, the water level drops with each passing week. However, some of the challenges in the place have revealed that the water will not disappear completely, one of this is about how to use whirlpools that in English would be the "Whirlpool", because of this we will teach you how to complete this mission in particular.
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    How to use whirlpool in Fortnite?

    You could say that this challenge is one of the simplest exposed in the week. The only detail is to find one of these bathtubs.

    If you can find one of these hot tubs all you need to do is swim downtown. The swirling water will briefly spin the player and then shoot him into the sky. From there, players can reactivate their glider and land wherever they want, within reason.

    If the challenge is not complete, doing so will reward players with 35,000 cool XP, perhaps the easiest XP you can find this season.

    Anything that allows for a quick getaway should be considered. The ships are great and the Crash Pads are fine, but if The Storm is closing in and you find yourself swimming for your life, diving into a Whirlpool is likely to save you from self-elimination.

     Now that you know how to use Whirlpools in Fortnite, you can complete the mission without problems, as long as you are aware of nearby enemies.

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