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Angel Marquez
2022-01-24 05:13:49

More about: Call of Duty Warzone

With our help you will see that knowing how to fix error 47: Code ‘SPAN’ is easier than you thought in Call of Duty Warzone.

What to know about error 47: Code ‘SPAN’ in Call of Duty Warzone?

  This is one of the many bugs that the game is going through, something that has caused a lot of setbacks for the launch of the next season, this specifically prevents us from starting the game, so in order to understand How to correct error 47: SPAN code we have this guide with the content that will be presented below to help us, let's see it.

How to fix error 47: Code ‘SPAN’ in Call of Duty Warzone?

  A set of instructions will be presented that we must follow in response to How to correct error 47: Code ‘SPAN’ in Call of Duty Warzone and they are the following:
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  • Safe mode of our console: with this option we have the possibility of carrying out a reconstruction of the files that become damaged or missing and are the cause of the error, for this then we turn off our PlayStation console, hold down the power button until that we get to hear a beep, then we just have to choose the option to rebuild the database when we enter safe mode and wait until the scan is complete.
  • Delete cache data on PlayStation 4 and 5: since we cannot get anywhere with the safe mode option, what we will do is delete the cache data from the console, considering that this does not mean that we will lose our profile or progress, it will only disappear temporary files and corrupted data, for this we turn off the console completely, we are going to disconnect it from the power cable behind the console, we will wait a couple of minutes to connect it again and turn it on.
  • Delete cache data on Xbox consoles: what we will do on this is turn it off, remove the power cable behind it, wait a couple of minutes to connect it again and turn it on.
  • Delete cache data on the Xbox Series X: in this we have to press the Xbox button on our controller, we will go to the profile and system to go to the configuration, here we choose the devices and connections, we give Blu-Ray, persistent storage and we will We hit delete persistent storage.
  • Reinstalling the game: this option turns out to be our last resort, we are talking about uninstalling the game and installing it again, being possibly the most radical way to avoid this problem, we certainly depend on a good internet for the installation to happen correctly.


 In conclusion, knowing how to correct error 47: Code ‘SPAN’ is interesting because it means that we can return to normal our fun that we have in Call of Duty Warzone.

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