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We invite you to discover How to get red coins, a new task in Super Mario Sunshine.

What to know about the red coins in Super Mario Sunshine?

With the arrival of this game to the Switch as part of the Super Mario 3D All Stars, we are at the mermaid level, where it is necessary that we find the 8 coins that are found here inside this hotel, many of us may not have the necessary experience so it is important to have the support of this guide to understand How to get red coins, we just have to put the following content.

How to get red coins in Super Mario Sunshine?

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    • First: this one we are going to get exactly in front of us once we start in the level, being the easiest in terms of How to get red coins.
    • Second: starting from the previous location in Super Mario Sunshine we are going to go to some stairs that are at the end of the room, we have to turn right before we go up we find the second coin in the bathroom.
    • Third: here before going up the stairs there is another bathroom on the opposite side, in which it is not possible to access, what is presented to us is a secret in the search to know how to get red coins, it is necessary that we go to the wall back and place ourselves on top of the toilet, and then make a jump that will give us access to another room located on floor 2 where there is a pool of water, this water will be used to find a Boo once we spray the painting and then it is necessary Jump across the box to get to the third of the coins in another room.
    • Fourth: it is necessary that we stay in the last location of the previous coin in Super Mario Sunshine, what we will do is spray the doors of a closet with water, this we will do until the image of a Boo appears, then we will go to the room that appears and we will go out through the door that is in the main hall, on the post side is where we will get the red coin.
    • Fifth: now if it is time for us to go up the stairs to find another of the red coins.
    • Sixth: as we continue our progress we are at number 6, for this we have to enter the door that is next to a large M on the wall, having access to the pool area where we get the red coin.
    • Seventh: starting from the location of the previous coin we will go through the door in which we entered this area and we will turn to the right and it will take us to a door that is open next to a few yellow coins, here we will jump through the bed and we will reach a hidden area and we have to go through a labyrinth thus arriving at a closed area with some coins, it is necessary that we hit the ground to access a room where we will find the red coin number 7.
    • Eighth: it is necessary that we return to the room where we found the bed, returning through the labyrinth reaching the place where we hit, having to do something different now at this point, this time we will go through the hole that will take us to another different room, Here we will see some posters on the walls and that when we spray it with water we will access a new area where the last red coin will be and when we have them all in the main hall, a glitter Sprite will appear for us to grab.

    We hope that the information detailed here on How to get red coins has been useful for your progress and fun in Super Mario Sunshine.

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