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Lidia Rozo
2020-09-23 15:45:01

More about: Super Mario 64

We have made a guide for Super Mario 64 explaining how to install on Android without emulators

How to install on Android without Super Mario 64 emulators?

Mario simply does not go out of style, it is a game that attracts young and old, it is good to remember that throughout the generations we have had the possibility of playing with Mario on different platforms, the most recent version of Super Mario 64 was given to PC, however knowing how to install on Android without emulators allows us to take the fun further and best of all is to make it work perfectly well, because it is an application that works without major inconvenience. The mere possibility of not having to use emulators is fantastic, because it runs without incorporating anything into the game or the operating system.

How to compile Super Mario 64 for Android?

The truth is a fairly simple task, because it is only necessary to execute some Termux codes allowing us to know how to install on Android without emulators can be returned simple for which it is necessary:
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  • Install Termux and we can do this by downloading the application from the Google Play Store.
  • Next it is necessary to download QR code-
  • Termux's developer is Fredrik Fornwall.

Then it is necessary to install the dependencies from Termux under the command pkg install git wget make python getconf zip apksigner clang

  • Then clone the repository using the git clone command https://github.com/VDavid003/sm64-port-android
  • cd sm64-port-android

We proceed to copy the base of the game using Termux, so before starting all this process it is necessary to have our own copy, as this cannot be provided in any other way since we would be facing legal problems with Super Mario 64 and for this it is necessary:

  • termux-setup-storage
  • cp /sdcard/rutadeturom/rom.z64 ./rom.copia.z64
  • Then we get the SLD from the command ./getSDL.sh
  • We proceed to compile the command make –jobs 4

The value of the jobs parameter only depends on the CPU cores and if everything compiles perfectly we will be able to get Super Mario 64 in the folder called Build: ls -al build / us_pc / sm64.copia.f3dex2e.apk

Now that you know how to install on Android without emulators, it is time for you to do the test and enjoy everything that Super Mario 64 brings to everyone.

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