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The action in Fortnite does not stop so we are going to explain how to deal damage in 10 seconds after bouncing off an umbrella.

What to know about dealing damage in 10 seconds after Bouncing Off an umbrella in Fortnite?

  It is one of the challenges that we must complete in the game, which consists of causing 100 damage in 10 seconds after bouncing off an umbrella, this occurs in Sweaty Sands, it is normal to find challenges that become more complicated, You could say that this is one of them but everything is in the use of bots, it is due to the fact of the hostility that can be presented to complete this challenge with other players looking for the same, the location of the challenge will be our first step, now more Details on how to deal damage in 10 seconds after bouncing off an umbrella come next, let's follow closely.
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How to deal damage in 10 seconds after bouncing off an umbrella in Fortnite?

 On the map we have the Sweaty Sands marked, it is the place for this challenge, for more precision it is in sector B3 towards the beach, it is ideal that we start the game here, if we wait a long time to complete this challenge it can get complicated , being in this location we have to first find a distance weapon, which will allow greater ease for the damage, then what we will do is attract the robots that are on the beach and that they come towards the umbrellas, thus having to do the jump on these and it will take us to bounce in the air, from this point is when we will have only 10 seconds to cause 100 damage.

 Certainly it will not become something complicated to do, we will have at this moment the chance to land and reach the bot to cause the damage, but the details that can be an obstacle are the other players who seek to do the same, it may end in the need to shoot another player before we complete the challenge, it is possible that we can use a more appropriate game mode to carry out the challenge without so many obstacles and this because even the robots can kill us apart from the other players, in itself it does not take much time complete this challenge that will lead us to earn more XP.

 This is how we finished our guide on How to deal damage in 10 seconds after bouncing off an umbrella, hoping that you can get the best out of Fortnite, a fairly busy game.

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