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We bring you a Subverse guide where we plan to tell you How to save your game, let's see.

What is the purpose of saving your game in Subverse?

Although it is true this question seems a bit empty, it is evident that there are a number of players who do not have greater knowledge about how to save the game, in this sense, you must understand that as you progress you are presented with some traditional options, in addition If you have the possibility of unlocking some crewmates, the object of saving your game is focused on the possibility of saving each adventure that you will be able to carry out in the adventures as captain.

How to save your game in Subverse?

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    This game has total clarity regarding the issue of saving, in addition to doing it manually and regularly is not exactly the best alternative, because the more you do it, a message will be presented indicating that some areas in particular do not have this system, when start when you manage to access the pause menu using the "Escape" key, we are shown a lower button, however this cannot be used continuously, but there is no reason to be alarmed, as the game is automatically saved as that you manage to complete a certain section, because when you stop it you will start where you have saved at the beginning of the section.

    Some entire segments can be skipped, in this sense, you are allowed to have the possibility of opening the save section in the menu that you usually see a little later in the game, in this way you can access to perform manual saving in some segments, without However, the game as such is usually saved completely at the end of the section, and choose to continue where you have saved said section or simply leave to start the mission from the menu, as it is a free choice.

    Now that you know how to save your game, it is time to enjoy Subverse and take advantage of this adventure.

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