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This time we present for you a Balan Wonderworld guide where we are going to talk to you about How to breed Tims.

What are Tims in Balan Wonderworld?

  These are nothing more than small puff pastry bullets and have the ability to attack enemies in order to collect them for us, because here we have the possibility of handling ourselves in an environment full of creatures of many colors that tend to chase us but in the end Accounts can simply be raised so that they can serve us.
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    How to breed Tims in Balan Wonderworld?

     The Tims usually appear on the Floating Island and have the characteristic of following us in order for us to feed them, for this it is necessary to go to the patch of colored flowers of the drops of tears, once here we proceed to press the button with the purpose that are thrown about 100 for each color simultaneously and precisely immediately the Tims will come to eat them.

     The colors of the drops that the Tims eat are:

    •  Yellow.
    • Blue.
    • Red.
    • Rose.


     The Tims change color and tend to grow as they feed, because when they grow they can lay an egg, in addition the color that these creatures take will decide what they will do in the levels for us, the idea is to make the Tims They can be as happy as possible, this will make our counter in the area go up, we can unlock some new things for them, knowing that they have grown to the maximum size is easy because the Tims will no longer ask us for food, also so that a new one is born baby it will only be necessary to take the big Tim and throw it to another so that they can connect, the biggest one will lay an egg and the other one will only go over it to complete the process.

     In this sense, knowing How to raise Tims allows us to get new creatures and feed them in Balan Wonderworld.

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