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Angel Marquez
2021-03-30 16:02:33

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The action in Monster Hunter Rise does not stop, so today we are going to tell you how to get the Hand-Me-Down long sword.

What to know about the Hand-Me-Down long sword in Monster Hunter Rise?

It is one of the types of long sword, which is necessary that to obtain it we progress in the missions of the village, specifically those that are available in the main square, then we have to reach the rank that allows us to complete the key missions of 4 stars to access the urgent Comeuppance mission, so to have an idea of How to obtain the Hand-Me-Down long sword there are some strategic tips that we must follow, for this let's see the following content.

How to get the Hand-Me-Down Longsword in Monster Hunter Rise?

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The unlocking of the missions goes through the fact of completing a certain number of key missions that allows access to the urgent one that is accessed once the next rank of stars has been released, certainly this worked differently in previous deliveries, where there were no key missions only They were commissions for the progress of the story, but everything has evolved in this current installment of the series, it must be borne in mind that not all missions count as progress, which makes it clear that there is no need to complete all key missions of a stellar rank, only a certain amount is enough, in the list of missions these are found and are marked by a red icon, when we have completed enough of 4 stars, we are then presented with the urgent Comeuppance mission, where we have to find Magnamalo, in the same way as the previous combats we must face him, which has powerful attacks, standing out in He llfireblight, capable of causing us to fall into an infernal fire that allows us to benefit to detonate it otherwise against it.

Once we have completed the urgent mission we will see a scene in which we receive the sword from Fugen, which at the beginning has attack statistics at 120, fire element at 7, affinity of 10 percent and green edge, certainly this can be improved to reach higher levels only that will depend on the materials.

In conclusion, knowing how to obtain the Hand-Me-Down long sword is interesting because it opens the doors for us to continue progressing in this adventure that we have in Monster Hunter Rise.

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