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We bring you a Subnautica guide, and it is in order to tell you how to get diamonds, let's see.

What are diamonds in Subnautica for?

This game allows us to have the possibility of exploring and surviving, since there are many materials with which we can get ourselves, some may be rarer than others, each one has a particular value in this game, so that knowing how to get diamonds becomes a necessary task, especially since they are vital elements in the manufacture of valuable items. In this sense, it is possible to highlight that diamonds can be achieved in their natural form like a crystal at the bottom of the sea.

With diamonds, it is possible to make:

  • The fabricator.
  • The vehicle upgrade console.
  • The builder of habitat.
  • The mobile vehicle bay.

How to get diamonds in Subnautica?

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    It is good to bear in mind that this resource is not the only one that we can achieve as exquisite because some elements such as gold and lithium can be obtained here, however, we have a certain probability of finding diamonds and below we describe two locations to achieve it.

    The mushroom forest: This is a place that has the possibility of finding diamonds, for this it is necessary to get a radiation suit, because with this the need arises to look towards the Aurora base and proceed to swim to the tip of said structure, a Once there we must focus on finding the area of ​​the mushroom forest on the wall under lifeguard 4, here we managed to collect some diamonds, it should be noted that this Aurora Base has coordinates 562,111,170

    The mountain island: this is another place where it is possible to get diamonds, on the contrary, this is usually located in front of the Aurora for which it is necessary to turn left and choose to swim near the surface of the water, choosing to locate the island of the mountain, it is ideal to make use of the coordinates 182, -36,850, as these can guide us and opens the possibility of using a marine glider close enough to the surface, this because the option to get us with dangerous sea creatures is latent, approach the bottom by the shore in order to get the diamonds and take them as soon as possible.

    This is all we can tell you about How to get diamonds, it is a complex but valuable activity that we must carry out in Subnautica, try it.

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