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We are back at Subnautica Below Zero in order to tell you where to find nickel ore.

What is nickel in Subnautica Below Zero?

This game offers us a variety of resources that are usually used to manufacture some artifacts, in this sense, knowing where to find nickel mineral, it is necessary to harvest it and from there prepare some necessary handicraft recipes, this mineral is usually highly valuable with In relation to the manufacture of certain things and necessary improvements at the end of the game, it is not necessarily usually found in the same way as many of the other resources that we see here, so it is necessary to work a lot to get it.

Where to find nickel ore in Subnautica Below Zero?

This resource is usually found in a somewhat different way, it is not usually in the outcrops, it has a certain similarity to diamonds, it is housed at the bottom of the sea, this makes it necessary to take charge of exploring these places:

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    • The crystal caves.
    • The deep cavern of Lilypads.
    • Manufacturers' Caverns.
    • The biomes of the Lilypad Islands.

    Now, to get this mineral it will only be enough to approach where it is housed and proceed to press the respective button to collect it, also once in the inventory we will see that this resource will only occupy a space. On the other hand, it is possible to get this resource as a gift from a Sea Monkey, only we should not trust ourselves to find it in this way, it is better to take care of the respective explorations.

    Once we have nickel with us, it is necessary to give it its respective use and this resource is useful for:

    • Make improvements to our vehicles.
    • This mineral can be used to craft a jump jet upgrade for the Shrimp Suit.
    • It is possible to use it in the shrimp costume.

    This mineral is vital for the Seatruck which is part of its components, which includes the third depth improvement, considering that this vehicle can reach 1000 meters under the sea.

    We conclude our guide on where to find nickel ore, so we only need to search certain strategic sites in Subnautica Below Zero.

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