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As we progress in Genshin Impact we realize that there are a number of characters and therefore it is necessary to know how to unlock Klee

Who is Klee in Genshin Impact?

  This is one of the characters that are available in this game, like others it is necessary to reach a certain level of adventure range, although it is true, we can experience some of them for a short time, it is necessary to mention that there is the possibility to keep them in our group.
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    How to unlock Klee in Genshin Impact?

     It is necessary to understand that this can only be achieved through the mechanics of the Wish system that we manage to unlock when we reach level 5 of adventure rank, and after talking with the Knights of Favonius in Monsdstadt, it is also necessary to have an intertwined desire that we can achieve through a change for primogems, which we get as a reward when carrying out some missions and opening chests or we can simply buy them, since they are available for sale only that for this it will be necessary to have Genesis Crystals.

     It should be noted that we have no certainty so far if Klee is part of the Wanderliust Invocation group of characters, since it would practically be throwing the dice, even though this character was offered as an option in the promotional beta, it is worth mentioning that seems to have disappeared and that it is probably an option to have it for themselves precisely the players who may be the best to throw the banner of standard wishes that Acquaint Fate requires.

     In general terms, knowing how to unlock Klee is not entirely clear, however it is a matter of luck and fortitude, as some powerful players could choose this character in Genshin Impact.

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