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2020-10-07 08:03:02

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Today we are going to tell you how to unlock Qiqi, because while we are playing Genshin Impact it is vital to get a number of characters.

Who is Qiqi in Genshim Impact?

  Our work to know how to unlock Qiqi allows us in the first instance to tell you exactly who he is, and this is only one of the 24 characters that are available in this game, it is necessary to ensure that he can join our group for which it is vital make use of the porridge of you wishes, only that she will only be with us during the main story.

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How to unlock Qiqien Genshin Impact?

 To get this character, it is necessary to consider that it is available in one of the Desire banners, which allows us, among other things, to have at least level 5 of Adventure Rank and to have managed to speak with the knights of Favonius, in this way it is necessary :

 Make a Wish using Acquaint Fate from the wish menu: the first thing we will need to focus on is the interlaced Fate since this allows us to have the possibility of buying some primo gems, even though these can be obtained by completing some missions or opening chests, there is also the possibility of buying them through a micro transaction.

 Make a wish using the intertwined destiny: it is necessary to choose to roll the dice and leave it to chance, as there is no guarantee of getting this character, because with the qualification that we have so far the chances of getting Qiqi in Genshin Impact will be extremely low, because to date we have not managed to achieve an event where there is a more feasible way to find this character, but the option that this could change at some point is not ruled out.

 Buy Qiqi in Piamon`s Deals in the Shop: it is necessary to check that this character may be available, as we only focus on getting the possibility since it tends to rotate the inventory with some frequency.

 Definitely, knowing How to unlock Qiqi is an interesting and somewhat complex task but in the end it is valuable in Genshin Impact.

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