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2020-11-19 07:26:43

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The bugs are present in Spider-Man Miles Morales and this leads us to explain to you how to fix the installation stuck at 79%

What is the installation stuck at 79% error in Spider-Man Miles Morales?

This is a failure that does not allow us to play beyond 79% which does not allow us to progress as we would like, above all it is a delicate matter because we are immersed in a dilemma because there are many things we can do, well It is not the first spider-man that we got but somehow we are interested in experiencing everything it has to explore, because in this installment there are some interesting eventualities and therefore it is necessary to know how to fix the installation stuck at 79% already that we are stranded without the possibility of enjoying the rest of the content of this interesting game.
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How to fix installation stuck at 79% in Spider-Man Miles Morales?


 Clean the disk: The first thing we get when providing this bug is an error notification, even though in reality there may not be any, so that it is necessary to take a look at the disk to verify that it is in perfect condition, to It is possible to take a clean soft cloth and proceed to clean the disc before inserting it into our console, remember that this must be done delicately, once it is ready it is necessary to carry out the installation process.

The disk could be defective: It is possible to get us with the possibility that the disk may be defective, since there is not everything perfect, so this can affect the process and therefore the download does not proceed, which leads us to have to choose to change disk to solve this problem.

Take a look at the server: There are some occasions in which we have a bug and this may be clearly linked to problems with the server, as there are some players who did not download this game and must access the patch that has just been released.

 Definitely, knowing How to fix the installation stuck at 79% allows us to choose to enjoy everything that Spider-Man Miles Morales has for us, take a look at any of the solutions, run it and when playing it has been said.

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November 12, 2020
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