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Find out where to find all shrines in the club in this excellent and explanatory Sifu guide.

What to know about shrines in the club in Sifu?

The importance of the sanctuaries is quite clear, we can have important improvements with them, at this level of the club we will be going through one of the most complex in the game, there are combats with high-level enemies and there is also the boss Sean, to know how to find all sanctuaries it is ideal to consider the following details.

Where to find all shrines in the club in Sifu?

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  • The first: after a short time after starting the level we have it after entering the nightclub, here we face a group on the dance floor, after beating a mini boss we can take the sanctuary on some boxes that are below the DJ booth.
  • The second: while we continue along the path we find a room full of NPCs, which are not a problem and are training for some tests, being in the room we have to turn left to notice a woman stretching, on the left from it we will find the sanctuary.
  • The third: before the confrontation with the boss Sean we are going to find the last sanctuary of the level, entering the boss room to the right of the door that is open will be the sanctuary.


This is how we end our guide on where to find all shrines in the club, hoping that you can get the most out of Sifu, a very busy game.

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