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2022-02-09 08:04:55

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Sifu has many tasks for us and for this reason it is necessary to tell you how to unlock skills.

Why unlock skills in Sifu?

Because it is the only way to progress, these are a feature that this game has that can be somewhat difficult, skills can make the difference between progressing or not, it is urgently necessary to know how to unlock skills in order to avoid aging fast due to Because doing so only allows us to die earlier than expected, even when we will have the possibility of making use of basic attacks, blocks or that we dodge this seems not to be enough and that is where the additional skills must make an appearance.

How to unlock skills in Sifu?

We must take into account that:

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  • The skill tree is peculiar, that is, the skills here are usually temporary.
  • On the other hand, every time we want to use the skill, we will be asked to buy it.

However, it is important to make it clear that there is a method that allows us to have the skills permanently and for this we must consider

Buy the skills: this is an option that can be favorable to us and for this it is necessary to use the "Shrines of the Dragon", in this sense, it is necessary to take care of looking for them to buy when we die, there is also the possibility of going to the courtyard of Wuguan after completing the level.

It is necessary to take into account that buying the skills requires having XP and verifying that the skill has the option of permanent unlocking.

To get a permanent ability, it is necessary to spend 5 times XP, which can be a little more expensive, but the effort is really worth it.

It is vital to check the skills that can be more favorable to us before getting involved in this permanent unlocking process.

This is all you need to know about How to unlock skills, so it will only be enough to have enough XP in Sifu and thus continue to progress without problems.

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