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2022-02-08 08:31:51

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Health is essential in Sifu, and it is necessary to explain how to heal.

Why heal in Sifu?

This is a necessary action to execute because we are facing enemies and there is nothing like being in optimal conditions for combat, this considering that we are on the lookout for those responsible for the death of our father, and it is our job to hunt them down, for this it is necessary to prepare ourselves a little and replenish our health is one of these previous tasks.

How to heal in Sifu?

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This is a game that does not have health packages, nor does it have objects that allow us to heal, which can be somewhat complex, instead it is necessary to take care of gaining pieces of health, and it is precisely this that will make our health bar improve, for this it is necessary to consider getting these pieces in this way:

Increasing the structure reserve: this usually occurs in the sanctuaries, for this it is necessary to take care of spending the experience points that we have obtained in advance in the combos and combats, with this we manage to block for a longer time in addition to saving a lot of health.

Execute takedowns: this is the best way to heal our health and this usually happens on a regular basis, by fighting the enemies we manage to wear them down to the point that the indication of the Triangle and Circle or Y and B button may appear, by executing these buttons we manage to recover a good portion of health.

Increase health when recovering from takedowns: this is another quality that we have and that can be bought in the sanctuaries, it allows us to recover more health when executing takedowns, it is even necessary to improve as we execute several races.

In this sense, knowing how to heal offers us the possibility of applying different mechanics in Sifu, try it.

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