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Lidia Rozo
2022-02-09 15:01:49

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Sifu has come to make us work enough and in this sense we allow ourselves to tell you How to Spare bosses.

Why spare bosses in Sifu?

This is part of the mechanics that we have in this game, here we are offered the opportunity to choose a different ending, among these endings will be Spare bosses, which in reality is not usually a very clear matter, but allows you to see the game from a particular point of view.

How to Spare bosses in Sifu?

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We must bear in mind that reaching this point in the game makes it necessary to embark on a normal game, only that it has some small changes.

It is essential to make the boss enter the second phase of combat and agree to take care of breaking its structure, only that it is necessary to avoid ending it.

 We must execute attacks that can have some effect on the structure and once it has been broken we are allowed to see a dialog that offers us the possibility of omitting it.

This task becomes much more favorable after having achieved the first ending, it is favorable to do it in our second game because we are facing the possibility of unlocking an alternative ending and that is where we can Spare bosses.

 In general terms, knowing How to Spare bosses offers us the opportunity to enjoy the game with a different and perhaps unexpected ending for a lot, this is part of the interesting features that Sifu offers us.

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Action-adventure, Beat 'em up
Unreal Engine 4
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8 February 2022
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